Familiewapens op lakstempels / zegelstempels,
soms bekend, soms onbekend.
Coat of arms on wax seal stamps,
sometimes known, sometimes unknown.
Collection: Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands


Known: Van Haersolte

an antique, early 19th century lacquer seal

with a coat of arms and motto

Omnia Tempus Habet

- Everything has it's time -

of the Dutch noble family

Van Haersolte


Van Haersolte tot Den Doorn, Van Haersolte van Yrst,

Van Haersolte van Haerst

a crown with seven pearls for a baron, three black chevrons on a golden field, as supporters two griffins, not rampant

 usualy you will find Van Haersolte with rampant griffons, but this is a known variation for the Van Hearsolte 's

other and Dutch terms: wax seal, letter stamp, cachet, petschaft, siegel, sceau, signet, stempel, lakstempel, zegel, familiewapen Van Haersolte, Overijssel, motto devies Omnia Tempus Habet, de tijd omvat alles, kroon met zeven paarlen / parels, baron, in goud beladen met drie zwarte kepers / keepers op een gouden veld, twee aankijkende aanziende staande griffioenen

this antique wax seal is sold to a descendent by
Delta 98 Den Haag,
The Hague, The Netherlands