Familiewapens op lakstempels / zegelstempels,
soms bekend, soms onbekend.
Coat of arms on wax seal stamps,
sometimes known, sometimes unknown.
Collection: Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands


art deco wax seal by Jan Eisenloeffel, coat of arms of family Van der Willige von Schmidt auf Altenstadt

I can start with the coat of arms of the family 
Van der Willige von Schmidt auf Altenstadt 
or with the wax seal designed by Jan Eisenloeffel, 
but at this moment I prefer a typical Dutch landscape:
the polder in Holland, how it looks like for hundreds of years,
with willows along the waterways, ditches and canals

willows should be cut every second or third year, 
the branches can be used to make 
baskets, walls, fences, seatings on chairs, etc.

De Wilgen, a 1918 poem by 
C.S. Adama van Scheltema on willows ends with:

Toen kwam de boerenkapper aan
Die had een lange schaar
En knipte met een grooten hap
Zoo maar op eenmaal: knip-knip-kap
Door al dat wilgenhaar!

Translated as:

Then the farmer's hairdresser arrived
He had long scissors
And snapped with a big bite
Just like that: cut-cut-snap
Through all that willow hair!

The name Van der Willige refers to WILGEN, dutch for willows.
For the family name other ways of writing are documented as:
Willige, Willigue, Willich, Wilg, Villich and Willigen

And now the wax seal and it's designer.

The designer Jan / Johannes Wigbold Eisenloeffel (1876-1957)
is famous and his work is represented in museum collections,
we have a few objects designed by him, 
for example a brooche, brass ware and glasses

The wax seal with coat of arms is made of bronze or brass 
with on the top a typical Eisenloeffel enameled geometric decor,

the matrix with the coat of arms of the family
Von Schmidt auf Altenstadt 
Van der Willige von Schmidt auf Altenstadt

The calm of the willows in the dutch polder
makes place for a complex research on the family.

The family line starts with the name 
Fabrice / Fabricius
in the 16th Century

with from 1564 the granted nobility for Johann Fabricius 
from the estate in Altenstadt, Phalz,
in 1577 3 sons called themselves
Fabricius auf Altenstadt,
one of them, Wolfgang, altered his name into 
Von Schmidt auf Altenstadt,

a circa 1750 stone ornament at the castle
Schloss Dallwitz, Priestewitz
with the coat of arms of 
Johann Georg von Schmidt auf Altenstadt 
and his spouce 
Margareta Klara Sichart von Sichartshof:

in 1839 the Dutch nobility was granted,
Johann Pieter / Peter Von Schmidt auf Altenstadt (1812-1880) 
added his mother's name 
Van der Willige, 
and so his branche became:
Van der Willige von Schmidt auf Altenstadt

and there is more:

Time to get back to the calm with a wilgentenen mand

text: Marx Warmerdam
collection: delta 98 den haag


antique wax seal with coat of arms of the family Bose

a silver wax seal with the coat of arms of the family Bose

with motto:
Idem Non Eodem 
meaning: the same, not comparable

family members:
George Bose, married to Helene Catharina Werndly,
they had a son and a daughter:
George Maurits Bose (1750-1776), who died unmarried,
Jacomina Wendelina Bose, who married Christiaan Zurhosen

Helena Catharine Werndly died on board of a ship to England

documented at Nationaal Archief
VOC opvarenden 1699-1794
George Maurits Bose (1750-1776) 
worked as a sailor for the VOC - kamer Rotterdam,
on the ship DEN TEMPEL

the ship might have been named after the master shipbuilder:
Salomon Jansz. van den Tempel

a VOC ship

Jacomine Wendeline and Christiaan Zurhosen had one child:
Christine Helena

the will of Jacomine Wendeline Bose is 
at the National Archives in Kew, London:

Christine Helena Zurhosen married in 1787 with 
Huibert Elisa van Meerten (1758-1827), 
she died two years later, without childeren, 

the Zurhosen graves on row X, no. 12 and 13

Kloosterkerk in The Hague,
the burial place of 
Christine Helena Zurhosen

Huibert Elisa van Meerten
married again in 1791 with 
Dionysia Catharina van Bleijswijk, 
they had eight childeren together

the Bose seal is sold by 
Delta 98 Den Haag,
 to a collection in the US

text: Marx Warmerdam,
collection: delta 98 den haag
sold to a collection in the US



antique wax seal: little girl, big cat & dachshund

a charming wax seal,
the handle depicting a
little girl with big cat and dog

some illustrations of other little girls with their pets


text: Marx Warmerdam,
collection: delta 98 den haag