Familiewapens op lakstempels / zegelstempels,
soms bekend, soms onbekend.
Coat of arms on wax seal stamps,
sometimes known, sometimes unknown.
Collection: Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands


antique wax seal with coat of arms of the family Rahusen, sold by Delta 98 Den Haag


a 19th century wax seal stamp, of black agate and silver

with the coat of arms of the family


the Rahusen coat of arms:

on the shield a building in the form of two brick gates / towers, topped with flag and anchor, topped with a side facing and barred helmet,

as crest the goddess Fortuna / Tyche holding a veil above her, that blows with the wind, symbol of uncertain destiny

some Dutch Rahusen family members: 

Jacob Johan Rahusen (born 1855) x Johanna Ambrosina Jackson (born 1858)

Reinhard Rahusen (1772-1857),

Claas Reinharts Rahusen (1810-1874),

Johannes Rahusen (1808-1856)

Reinhard Rahusen (1845-1903) x Imine Antonie Albertine van der Laan (1855-1876),

sold by 

Delta 98 Den Haag

The Hague, The Netherlands