Familiewapens op lakstempels / zegelstempels,
soms bekend, soms onbekend.
Coat of arms on wax seal stamps,
sometimes known, sometimes unknown.
Collection: Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands


Known: wax seal with the coat of arms of Barons Forbes - Grace my Guide

"Let thy word be my rule, thy grace my guide"

Grace My Guide,
used as motto by the Forbes clan in Scotland.

From there, at Forbes Castle, Aberdeenshire,
the earlier, old castle called Putachie in the parish of Keig

to a 19th century tailor or kiltmaker in the village New Deer, 
a town also known as Achadh Reite or Auchreddie
or to Jane Forbes, who was arrested in 1905 for larceny
or to here, in New York,
Forbes descendants can be everywhere,
but they come from a long time ago:

this armorial stone was found in
the Auld Tour / Preston's Tower of Tolquhon Castle
and is one of the first pieces of mediĆ«val heraldic sculpture 
remaining in the north of Scotland

an antique wax seal with a coat of arms and the text:
Barons Forbes - Grace my Guide,
supposed time of use 1734-1804,
probably belonged to:
James 16th Lord Forbes (1724-1804)
who married in 1760 with
Catherine, daughter of Sir Robert Innes of Orton
sold by Delta 98 Den Haag to a
Forbes descendant in the USA