Familiewapens op lakstempels / zegelstempels,
soms bekend, soms onbekend.
Coat of arms on wax seal stamps,
sometimes known, sometimes unknown.
Collection: Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands


unknown but....... Curtius, Kurz, de Cort, Kortum, Korten, Kort, Cort, Kurs .........


we could not find an exact similar coat of arms,
the most near came 

Kurz of Prague / Praha

and the coat of arms described on the Curtius Website with in the 
General Armorial of J.B. Rietstap, for the family

de Cort - Cort (de) - P. de Liege, de Curtius, Cort Heyligers, Holl.

the name Curtius goes way back, documented in the
Nuremberg Chronicle:

the Liber Chronicarum by Hartmann Schedel, printed in Nuremberg by Anton Koberger in 1493, or Nuremberg Chronicle as it is generally called, is one of the most important German incunables and the most extensively illustrated book of the 15th century

various ways the name was written:
de Cort, de Corte, Korte, Korten, Kurtz, Kurtze, Cortum, Corthum, Kortum, Khurtz, Curtze, Korten, Korth, Kurs, Kurt, Kurtzer

this wax seal stamp is for sale at
Delta 98 Den Haag
The Hague, The Netherlands