Familiewapens op lakstempels / zegelstempels,
soms bekend, soms onbekend.
Coat of arms on wax seal stamps,
sometimes known, sometimes unknown.
Collection: Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands


A conjugal coat of arms of Van Der Horst and Zijnen on an antique wax seal from the collection of Delta 98 Den Haag


Let's first turn the seal so we can read it:

the male coat of arms has as motto: De Par Dieu, 
and shows on the shield a fess and three lion heads caboshed, 
and has a crown with 3 fleurons and 2 pearls

the female coat of arms has as motto: God Zorgt Voor De Zijnen,
and shows a planted, maybe fructed, tree with a bird in the top
and a bird in flight above

now we look into the archives of CBG, 
 the Dutch Central Bureau for Genealogy in The Hague, 
and find:
for the family Van Der Horst,
one part is the same

for the family Zijnen and/or Van Der Hegge Zijnen

Now we have to find a marriage between a 
sir Van Der Horst and a lady Zijnen or Van Der Hegge Zijnen.

The sunbeam on the ladies shield on the wax seal
hasn't brought us light so far.......